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Welcome to Gary's Guitars 

800 Islington St.

Portsmouth, NH   03801

(603) 427-6133


Monday to Thursday 10 to 6, Friday and Saturday 10 to 5:30

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1962 Gretsch #6159 Bass, Guitar & Accordion Amplifier!  Has 2 nice old Jensen C120 12" speakers, 2 6L6 power tubes, 4 12AX7 preamp tubes and a 5U4 rectifier tube....that's pretty much the secret sauce!!  BTW, killer tremolo too.




A blue Teisco EB-120 Short Scale Bass circa 1968.  A wider neck was added for comfort and a Badass bridge....came out just fine.







2011 Taylor 814CE in "nearly new" condition.  Sunburst, solid rosewood & mahogany, Expression Electronic System and original hard shell case.



Walrus Aetos Clean Power Supply.


To go with this Walrus Transit 5 Looper System.
















1965 Gibson ES 125 CD (the thick-body version).  Looks to be 100% original, very clean and playing great....oh, and the tone with those dual P-90's is also worth noting.







Bass Banjo Raffle

About 20 years ago Mike Endicott decided he had to have one!  A vintage Ludwig-Leady Marching Drum and time to make the neck was all he needed.  Mike enjoyed the Bass Banjo for many years before moving away and leaving it with me to sell for him.  Attempts at a traditional sale have been interesting but to no avail.  So, it's time to let some lucky person take it home for $10!!  The winners ticket will be drawn on December 21, 2018 at high noon.

Bass Banjo Tickets are #10 each (buy as many as you like) and only available at Gary's Guitars.  Just ask us for one, fill out the back of the ticket and put it in the fishbowl.












Ukulele's are back in stock!


1966 Magnatone 401 Starlite.  With a 6" Jensen speaker, tremolo, (1) 36 AM3A Rectifier tube, (1) 2DEZ7 preamp tube & (1) UL84 power tube which all equals a great, low power, sound!




Super clean, 1993 Gibson Gospel Dreadnaught.  No issues and comes with that cool tweed hard shell case!


Great new/used pedals in store.  Check "Other Stuff" page for info.



1999 Godin A4 Bass.  Big, fat bass tones with it's undersaddle pick-up....very loud too!



"Nearly New" Godin Multiac Steel Duet Ambiance.  The GOOD one with a pick-up & microphone, solid spruce top, mahogany body....a rare guitar that comes very close to doing it all!!






The ever-popular Peavey Delta Blues tube guitar amp.  Mom, Dad even the kids will enjoy!!


DEAL-OF-THE-WEEK,  "nearly new", set-up perfectly Ibanez SR406 6-String Bass.  You've probably been wanting to try one?







Real deal Marshall JCM2000 Triple Super Lead 60.  Great "Marshall" tone with a few options!






Lightly used Godin 5th Avenue CW Kingpin II....the dual P-90 one!



Low mileage Epiphone DR500MCE Masterbilt Dreadnaught.  Cutaway, piezo & magnetic pick-ups, mono or stereo and that HSC.



Our old friend Peter Meyer got his hands on this 1960s Harmony Sovereign a couple of years ago.  We all know the potential of this guitar when it is put together correctly which is just what he did.....he reset the neck, refretted it, radiused the fingerboard a bit and made a nice compensated saddle, about $1,000 of work but hey, he loves his job and it is a worthy guitar.








Parting with a couple of boxes of vinyl.  Good variety....come check them out. 



Orange Jim Root Terror #4 7 or 15 watt head (w/carry bag) and Orange JR212 #4 2X12" speaker cab, both in "like new" condition.





For those of you not familiar with what we do here at Gary's Guitars, "service" is the word to remember.  Next day guitar repairs, amp and electronic repairs by the end of the week.  A selection of guitars, amps and accessories that we have found to be tried and true, always a friendly ear and words of advice as well as some of the coolest, hard-to find-gear anywhere.  We strive to cover ALL the guitar basses 'cause we are the Seacoasts Guitar Specialists


That's the Gordon Carlisle mural.  I asked Gordon for something bright and, ya know, with a guitar in it.  


Click above or below to browse around.  The "map" page has directions how to get here.  Feel free to call or email with any questions.



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