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Welcome to Gary's Guitars 

800 Islington St.

Portsmouth, NH   03801

(603) 427-6133


Monday to Thursday 10 to 6, Friday and Saturday 10 to 5:30

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I've been waiting about 10 years for Brian to decide to sell his 2000 "Eastpointe" USA Reverend Rocco....the time is here!  He put a pair of DiMarzio Super Distortions in it many years ago but no further mods.  It has low mileage for it's age as it has spent most of the last decade in his lesson room.



Perhaps you had a chance to see these Stonewall Pickups Tonecasters at Scott Millers open house in September or at the Northeast Guitar Expo a couple of weeks ago.  They are now available to buy right here.  We have the Tonecaster T, S & J models, all custom built with alder & swamp ash, Stonewall Pick-ups and high quality hardware.  The first customer to try them said, "there's nothing coming out of Fender as good as these"!

T is $1600        S is $1700        J is $1800


Nearly New Fender '52 Hot Rod Tele Reissue.  Basically a very nice "52 clone with a Seymour Duncan mini Humbucker at the neck.  Comes with case candy too!



Got another York Forge and welding Guitar Stand.  This one is a bit more intricate so the price is...


Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue in the house......



Scott, at Stonewall Pick-ups, has started pre loading & wiring some of his most popular pick-up sets onto WD pickguards.  We have the Signature Strat set ($450) & the Founders Strat set ($425).  Both loaded pickguards are put together using 250k CTS pots, an Oak Grigsby 5 way switch, and .022u orange drop capacitors. The wire is cloth covered 22g pre tinned wire. The tone circuit is modified to work on the bridge pickup as well.


And, just got the Electric Lady Strat set...fully loaded and ready to go for $425 and Scotts latest, the Lipstick Strat Set which is $450.  (specs as above for both)



Nice 2007 Gibson Les Paul 1960 Classic....upgraded with Stonewall Old Tone Humbuckers, thank you (original pick-ups included).  Small crack in headstock.



1966 Gretsch Viking, original and fully functional except for the broken mute lever which is in the original hard shell case.  Set-up great with very good action, the Filtertron pick-ups sounds fabulous and the Floating Sound Unit (sede picks below) is doing it's thing.





A beautiful, 4 month old, 2016 Fender American Professional Jazz Bass in Sonic Grey.  Includes the original hard shell case just full of case candy!


Traveler Ultra Light, umm, travel guitar.  This one has a piezo undersaddle pick-up as well as the lap bracket, instructions and gig bag...looks like new too!





Dean Resc, Steel Body Resonator, in "nearly new" condition and quite attractive.....



1934 Martin Style A Mandolin....the flat back, bent top model.  Clean, original, no cracks or issues.





1999 Godin A4 Bass.  Big, fat bass tones with it's undersaddle pick-up....very loud too!






Ibanez M510E acou/elec mandolin in perfectly good condition.



2013 Fender American Standard Strat.  Next to no wear and set-up perfectly.


The quintessential guitar amp?  May well be this blackface 1965 Fender Twin Reverb!  This one is in good working order and sounds "like you read about".  Two issues to tell you about....the speakers are appropriate but not original.  One is a 1965 "Bandmaster" Utah and the other is a 1967 Jensen Brown Label.  Also, a 1/2 power switch was added back in the 1980s...not really a bad thing.






Made in the USA, all tube 30 watt 1X12 combo with dual reverb and footswitch....must be a Crate Vintage Club 30!





Breedlove Crossover OF Mandolin....great "step-up" model from Asia.




1971 Martin 00-18 rebuilt by Pat DiBurro in 2011, neck reset, new bridge, nut & saddle and crack repairs....now she is ready for another47 years!




Nicely done Home-made Lap Steel & case.  Duncan Rail HB pick-up, steel, picks & some strings included.




1969, all tube, Ampeg J-12 Jet w/ non-original Brown Fender speaker.  Compact, warm tone & great Tremolo.



2004 (actual) 50th Anniversary Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster.  Original, playing great and includes the extra nice hard shell case all for.....

















1997 Fender Strat Plus Deluxe in Inca Silver.  Very clean, very good playing & sounding Strat.  Pick-ups are Fender Custom Shop, pickguard has been changed otherwise original.



For those of you not familiar with what we do here at Gary's Guitars, "service" is the word to remember.  Next day guitar repairs, amp and electronic repairs by the end of the week.  A selection of guitars, amps and accessories that we have found to be tried and true, always a friendly ear and words of advice as well as some of the coolest, hard-to find-gear anywhere.  We strive to cover ALL the guitar basses 'cause we are the Seacoasts Guitar Specialists


That's the Gordon Carlisle mural.  I asked Gordon for something bright and, ya know, with a guitar in it.  


Click above or below to browse around.  The "map" page has directions how to get here.  Feel free to call or email with any questions.



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