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Last time I checked this was October 16, 2018    

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Dean Markley K-20X guitar amp for around the house used $49

Dr Z Backline 4x10 guitar cab with Tone Tubby speakers used $479

Peavey 115 BW Combo Bass Amp ready to gig (add the BW 115 enclosure below for a BIG sound) used $129

Pignose 30/60 guitar amp with 12" speaker it sounds pretty good! used $99

Crate GX15R guitar amp w/Reverb used $59

Peavey BW 115 Enclosure....1X15"...8 ohms used $79

Marshall Lead 15 Micro Stack....handy features and great "Marshall" tone used $229

Gretsch #6159 Bass Amplifier...all tube, Jensen speakers, tremolo and of course sound great for guitar too used $699

Lab L5 2X12" guitar of the few great solid state amps used $399

Marshall JCM2000 TSL60 60 watt all tube head.....Full Blast!! used $499

Magnatone 401 Starlite guitar amp from 1966....tremolo, all tube, Jensen speaker and great sound used $399


Peavey 410 TX with adjustable horn & cover used $169

Roland DAC-15XD...4X4" speakers, built-in Delay, Chorus & Flanger...further proof, the more speakers the better! used $89

Tranzamp A30 PA-in-a-box for acoustic guitar and microphone used $139

Peavey Dleta Blues in great shape and with its cover no less used $429

Stadium Series 35 guitar amp....made in USA & sounds quite good! used $89
Crate VC212E 2X12" speaker cab in good working order used $169
Carvin AG100D acoustic instrument system...pros I know love it! used $399

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