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Last time I checked this was June 8th, 2018    

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Fishman Loudbox PRO-LBX-001 from 2004....the 4 speaker model! used $349

Sano GS10 practice amp from Cranfield, NJ circa 1970s used $59

Lab L2 1X15" 100 watt bass cab....on casters used $169

Peavey 2X10 TXF Bass Cab with adjustable horn used $149

Vox NT2H Lil Night Train Tube Amp used SOLD!

Peavey BW 115 Enclosure....1X15"...8 ohms used $79

Marshall Lead 15 Micro Stack....handy features and great "Marshall" tone used $229

Fender Bassman 135 all tube bass heaven from the late '70s used $499

Lab L5 2X12" guitar of the few great solid state amps used $399

SWR Workingman's 12 - Loud enough to gig with, small enough to fit in any car used $199

Ibanez IBZ1G tiny practice amp used $29

Peavey Delta Blues - Go Tweed for a lot less money - 1 x15 tube amp in great condition used $425

Peavey 410 TX with adjustable horn & cover used $169

Fender Mustang I.....fully featured smallish practice amp used $69

Fishman Performer Pro-LBX-300 with cover....ready to gig used $399


Roland Cube 60D...I must say the Cube series can not be beat in this price range used $159
Crate VC212E 2X12" speaker cab in good working order used $169
Carvin V412-H 4X12" cab....heavy duty and BIG tone....and casters used $179
Louis Electric should look it up, it is a great 50's style tube amp used $1999
Marshall MG10 small but punchy used $39
Fender Twin Reverb from 1965...does it get better then this?   used $1399
Peavey Mark III 115 BW Bass Combo...130 watts and a 15" used $129
Peavey Special 150 1x12 guitar amp with reverb and plenty of footswitch too   used $99  
Ampeg J-12 Jet from can you go wrong?   used $459  

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