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Last time I checked this was August 21, 2017    

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Fender Vibratone from 1970....sede "Home" page for details used $700

Marshall Lead 12 Model 5005 made in UK in 1984 Celestion 10", cover, clean and great sound used $179

Matchless JJ-30 John Jorgenson Signature Series handmade, all tube world-class amp used $3499

Fender Yale Reverb from the mid '80s.....sounds fine and is very portable used $229

Crate CA15 Cimarron acoustic guitar amp with second mic channel and tilt-back kick-stand used $89

Peavey BW 115 Enclosure.....big-badda-boom used $79

Vox Cambridge 30 Reverb Twin....MIK 2X10 Celestion with Tremolo & Reverb and some nice Vox tones used $179


Lab L5 2X12" guitar of the few great solid state amps used $399


Roland JC-120....has been a classic for awhile used $499

Trace Elliot 1153 1X15" bass cab made in England used $259


Morgan Custom Shop of the best guitar amps I've ever played thru....handmade in USA & hard to find used $1799


Fender Rumble 100 Bass Amp...pound for pound very impressive used $229

Dr Z MAZ Junior 18 Watt Reverb from 1998....all tube..5AR4, EL 84s & 12AX7s... point-to-point and great tone used $999
Carvin V412-H 4X12" cab....heavy duty and BIG tone....and casters used $179
Music Man HD130 BASS amp....early '70s with 12AX7 and (4) EL34s...pretty great all around! used $499
Ronad Jazz Chorus JCV-120...original & working fine.....INC cover & Footswitch used $599
Acoustic B30 Bass of the best sounding little bass amps used $89
Peavey Mark III 115 BW Bass Combo...130 watts and a Black Widow 15" used $129
Headstrong Lil King "S" Reverb with brown paisley tolex & Scumback 12" speaker....pretty close to the elusive "perfect" amp!! used $1250  
Fender Bassman 2X12" Cab from 1967....Utah speakers used $299  
Dr Z Backline 4X10 Open Back with Tone Tubby Brown Sound Hemp Cone speakers....WOW used $499
Mesa Boogie 50 Caliber+ circa 1990....clean, original and in good working order used $699
Peavey Transtube Supreme made in of the Transtube line I guess which is not a bad footswitch used $129

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