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Last time I checked this was June 8th, 2018 (all guitars include a gig bag unless otherwise noted)    

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Hagstrom Jimmy D'Aquisto Oval Soundhole Archtop from of only 356 and original except Stonewall Custom newer HSC used $2999

Ibanez AEB-10E cutaway acou/elec Bass in good working order used $189


Ibanez M510E Acou/Elec Mandolin....gig bag not oncluded used $129

Stonewall Pickups Tonecaster Jazzmaster....Locally built....highest HSC new $1800

Johnson Tele....nothing special except for $99 it plays and sound fine used $99

Jay Turser JT-300 Strat LEFTY....start here! used $99

Traveler Ultra Light happily goes anywhere, plugs in  too! used $199

Carvin BB75 5 String Fretless from the mid '90s...neck-thru maple & koa, Sperzels, active tone & OHSC....VG+++++ used $599


Godin Multiac Nylon Encore in Natural....covers a lot of ground quite easily new $849

Yamaha FG230 12 String from 1970..."Red Label" model that sounds great!!  inc hard shell case used $259

Ventura V17 OOO-size acoustic in natural....don't get no better in this price range! new CALL

Seagull Entourage Folk Q1T in Burnt Umber....the killer smaller body acou/elec from Canada new $479

Jay Turser JT-220 set neck Les Paul...2 thumbs up! used $179
Alvarez Yairi YB1 Baritone Guitar with OHSC....Great addition to any get together used $859

Ventura VWDO 3/4 size in RedBurst....BEST 'lil guy going new CALL


Squier Affinity Strat in red...our BEST selling $99 electric guitar used $99

Ventura VWDO4 Classical/Nylon Guitar.....our BEST starter new CALL

Fender USA Standard Strat in Olympic white from 2012......"nearly-new".....OHSC plus candy used $899


Martin 00-18 from 1971 with all the usual great repairs by Pat HSC used $1499

Fender Strat Plus Deluxe from 1997 in Inca Silver...made in USA & quite nicely I will add used $959


Ibanez SB1500 Bass from 1992....will be hard to find another one!! used $799

Godin Acousticaster DLX from 2017....coukld pass for new and sound great doing it!   inc HSC used $799
Breedlove Crossover OF Mandolin...solid spruce top & solid maple body!   inc HSC used $379
Reverend Rocco from 2000  "Eastpointe, MI USA" and initialed as it should be...non-stock DiMarzio Super Distortions & OHSC used $1299
Mike Endicott handmade Bass Banjo....and we thought they were extinct!!...feel free to make an offer used $600
Fender American Standard Strat from 2013, lightly played and lovingly cared HSC used $899
Ventura V29 P-Bass with nice sunburst finish new CALL
Seagull S6 look, same great quality new $449
Ventura VWDO 3/4 steel string in Natural...don't get any better! new CALL
Stonewall Pickups Tonecaster Strat...good wood, good parts, Scott Miller mods & construction = GREAT GUITAR new $1700
Yamaha CG150CCE solid top cutaway acou/elec classical used $249
Takamine EG-335SC 12 string cutaway acou/elec w/HSC    BIG sound used $399
Ventura VWDO 3/4 in issues here! new CALL
Ventura V29 P-Bass in sunburst....very low mileage used $129
Godin Multiac Steel Duet Ambiance in Sunburst....need just one guitar that covers the most territory? used $999
Squier Affinity Strat in sunburst with improved bridge block used $99
Godin A4 Bass from 1999 in natural....big-ba-da-boom    inc. OHSC used $499
Ibanez SA2120FM Prestige in MINT condition....HSC too used $699
Ventura V17 Folk-size in issues here! new CALL


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