Charvel Custom Shop USA San Dimas

This is a custom show edition of the San Dimas guitar. Made in the USA no expense spared, no compromises made. It has a factory relic-ed finish so even if it looks like it has a few dings it's in like new condition.

Used: $2200
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1948 Gibson L-7

This vintage Gibson archtop with a cutaway plays great and sounds great and other than the tailpiece is all original. The top and sides were clear-coated over the original finish what appears to be a lifetime ago because that finish has wear too. Well played, but great playing and ready for the next 60+ years.

Used: $3200
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Fender Pawn Shop 72 in Surf Green

This Thinline Tele re-imagining was very limited edition (made for less than a year) Fender that combined elements of a strat and tele thinline. The surf green is even more rare. Comes with the original gig bag it was sold with.

Used: $799.00
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Charvel Custom Shop SoCal

Charvel Custom shop - Custom SoCal with nitro pink finish. This custom Charvel, USA made of course, originally retailed for $3900, Gary's price in used but like new condition, $2600.

Used: 2600.00
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Robin – Medley Standard IV

This Robin guitar has the super smooth playing 24 fret neck with reverse headstock that screams 80's, but it's not just for metal heads, it's traditional (non-floating) bridge and bridge position humbucker make it a versatile guitar. Made in Japan, which in 80's guitars means excellent.

Used: $599.00
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Vintage Japanese made Norma guitar

Vintage Japanese Norma guitar. 3 pick ups, cool trem arm and those veg-o-matic switches we love to see on those Japanese guitars. Also someone re-freted this guitar, so it plays super easy and in tune.

Used: $299.00
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Vintage Silvertone – Made in Japan

A vintage made in Japan Silvertone. plays great, sound great, and in such good shape we had to double check that it wasn't a reissue.

Used: $299
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1965 Gibson ES-125CD

The 125 with a cutaway and deep body (the CD part) also with two P90's. It a prime Gibson from their prime electric making years, and it appears to be all original with a hardshell case.

Used: $2500.00
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Epiphone Wildkat Koa

The Epiphone Wildcat specs read like a list of your favorite things: Semi-Hollow, F-Hole, P90's, Bigsby, Gold hardware, all for a very low price. It appears to be like new, but also comes with the first ding, so that you don't have to worry that you'll put the first ding in it.

Used: $399
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Maruha #303 Vintage Japanese Made Archtop

This super cool mid 60's Japanese made archtop has been given a new life by Northshore luthier Peter Meyer. Neck reshape, neck reset, fingerboard plained and re-freted. Also, he added the sound-hole pick up. So as a labor of love he did $800 + of work on a guitar selling for $499, but he could not resist the opportunity to bring this guitar back to life. It's ready for the next 50+ years.

Used: $499
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Fender “Knopfler” Partscaster

What do you do when you find a Mark Knopfler signature neck? You build a guitar around it! This Partscaster features the highly desirable Mark Knopfler neck with a 70's reissue MIM body (converted to 4 bolt so the neck would be left original. The pickups are Texas Special and it was modified assembled by NH's top electric guitar maker Scott Miller.

Used: $899.00
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1966 Gibson ES-125T

Do you yearn for simplistic elegance? The ES-125T is the answer. a base model of the 125 family, it has no cutaway, and one pick up, but is just right. A thin body fully hollow, it has a thick tone with east of playablity. You may be thinking, "but there's no cutaway?" You won't miss it. All original except the pickgaurd has been removed and the tuners swapped to Schaller.

Used: $1800
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1951 Gibson L-4

A vintage Gibson arch top is the dream. This one has be well used but well cared for. It's missing the pickgaurd, and has had some repairs over the years, but is in top playing condition. Long known as the "poor man's L-5" For a mere $2800 it will make you feel like a million.

Used: $2800.00
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