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Roland KC-350 Keyboard Amp

Not just for keyboards! I don't play keyboards? Why do I need a keyboard amp? BECAUSE, it's like a complete PA you can carry with one hand. XLR in, a total of 4 output, mono or stereo out, full range, loud and clear.

Used: $249
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Kay Tube Amplifier

This Kay amplifier is 5 watts of glory. It's got one sound, but it's a good one. Turn it up!

Used: $199
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Hofner 185 Artist Bass

Here is a solid body Hofner with a retro Hofner look, but a modern feel. Something between a Jazz bass and a Precision bass with Fender scale length.

New: $399
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Hofner Violin Bass (Ignition Bass)

Who makes the best Hofner copies? Hofner of course! This is the less expensive (Ignition) Hofner. It plays, looks and sounds great, and costs 1/5 of what the German Hofners do. At this price anyone can get in on that thumpy 30 inch bass scale fun.

New: $349 as it is, or $399 with Hofner bag
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Vintage Silvertone – Made in Japan

A vintage made in Japan Silvertone. plays great, sound great, and in such good shape we had to double check that it wasn't a reissue.

Used: $299
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1965 Gibson ES-125CD

The 125 with a cutaway and deep body (the CD part) also with two P90's. It a prime Gibson from their prime electric making years, and it appears to be all original with a hardshell case.

Used: $2500.00
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Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass – Left Handed – Made in Germany

This is a master built Hofner 62 reissue made in German lefty Hofner Violin bass. It's not vintage it's just built that way. Not like new, like old, but in great condition. New these go for well over $2k, this one is very low miles.

Used: $1250
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1990 Fender Stratocaster (MIM)

The Proverbial "perfectly good guitar," this early 90's fender features an aftermarket purple (mother of Prince?) pickgaurd, other than that it appears to be all original. A few dings, but not much wear.

Used: $329
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Epiphone Wildkat Koa

The Epiphone Wildcat specs read like a list of your favorite things: Semi-Hollow, F-Hole, P90's, Bigsby, Gold hardware, all for a very low price. It appears to be like new, but also comes with the first ding, so that you don't have to worry that you'll put the first ding in it.

Used: $399
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Maruha #303 Vintage Japanese Made Archtop

This super cool mid 60's Japanese made archtop has been given a new life by Northshore luthier Peter Meyer. Neck reshape, neck reset, fingerboard plained and re-freted. Also, he added the sound-hole pick up. So as a labor of love he did $800 + of work on a guitar selling for $499, but he could not resist the opportunity to bring this guitar back to life. It's ready for the next 50+ years.

Used: $499
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Fender “Knopfler” Partscaster

What do you do when you find a Mark Knopfler signature neck? You build a guitar around it! This Partscaster features the highly desirable Mark Knopfler neck with a 70's reissue MIM body (converted to 4 bolt so the neck would be left original. The pickups are Texas Special and it was modified assembled by NH's top electric guitar maker Scott Miller.

Used: $899.00
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1966 Gibson ES-125T

Do you yearn for simplistic elegance? The ES-125T is the answer. a base model of the 125 family, it has no cutaway, and one pick up, but is just right. A thin body fully hollow, it has a thick tone with east of playablity. You may be thinking, "but there's no cutaway?" You won't miss it. All original except the pickgaurd has been removed and the tuners swapped to Schaller.

Used: $1800
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1951 Gibson L-4

A vintage Gibson arch top is the dream. This one has be well used but well cared for. It's missing the pickgaurd, and has had some repairs over the years, but is in top playing condition. Long known as the "poor man's L-5" For a mere $2800 it will make you feel like a million.

Used: 2800.00
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Fender Pelt


A good fuzz pedal is indispensable—this gloriously splatty, satisfying sound has been the cornerstone of rock tone for decades. An all-original design, The Pelt Fuzz has a few tricks hidden up its sleeve. All the familiar controls are there: Level, Fuzz and Tone, along with a Bloom control to shape the contours of your sound. Our secret-weapon Mid switch lets you boost or cut the midrange for even more voicing options, while the Thick switch adds some girth to your sound.

New: $149.00
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Fender Engager Booster

Clean boost.

Fender's new series of pedals are getting great reviews and have quickly become a player's favorite.

This clean boost is a great first stage of a pedal board with three band eq, a volume boost, and a contour switch. It can be used to match signal for low impedance pick-ups or click it on for extra presence in a solo. Use it before a distortion pedal to make your pedal go wild.

New: $109.00
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fishman pro eq platimnum
Fishman Pro EQ PLATINUM Direct Box

A powerful tool to get your acoustic sound dialed in. This preamp has lots of gain, three-band EQ plus sweep-able mids, notch filter, phase reverse, and more. It has an XLR DI out, 1/4 inch out, 1/4 inch tuner send, it can run off of a power supply, battery or phantom power.

Used: $99.00
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