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Klira Violin Bass

Johannes Klier was a violin maker and a Hofner competitor from the same small town in Germany as Hofner. After Beatlemania it became apparent that the world needed MORE violin basses than Hofner could offer, Klira began making them as well, with the help of ex-Hofner employees and many of the same parts. These have bolt on neck, which means that when it does need a neck reset, as most Hofners do, it will be $5 not $500. The one however has a great looking neck set, a straight neck and super cool cat's eyes soundholes FTW. Come in and A-B it with a Hofner.

Used: $599.00
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Fishman Loudbox Mini

This new Fishman Loudbox mini is the latest edition. These are small yet powerful amps great for solo acoustic guitar and vocal performances in small to medium sized rooms. It also features Bluetooth for playing backing tracks and in between set music, because your damn iPhone doesn't have a 1/4 inch out and you forgot that adapter somewhere.

New: $359.00
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1967 Fender Bassman (Blackface)

The Legendary Bassman is not just the basis for so many amp designs, it's great for guitar, harmonica, and even bass. This 1967 blackface Bassman is the pinnacle or the Bassman line, and therefore a must have.

Used: $799.00
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Silvertone Electric Guitar with built in amp and speaker

Sure, you've seen the amp in case Silvertone, but did you know that this made in Japan Silivertone has an amp in the guitar? The early solid state mini amplifier with built in speaker looks and sounds cool, but the this guitar sounds great plugged in and plays shockingly well.

Used: $399.00
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1956 Gibson 125 (deep body)

Another 125?!? Yes this 1956 Gibson 125 (deep body) was brought in by the original owner who still had the receipt for it in the case. Absolutely original, no repairs or modification. Plays great, sounds great, looks great.

Used: $1999.00
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Vintage Silivertone Arch top with pickup

Our guess, a USA Harmony made (Stella era) guitar. Cool factor is off the charts, arch is still high, very cool "bluesy" tone from it's small yet powerful pick-up.

Used: $379.00
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Fender Cyclone

The Fender Cyclone is a swirling cloud of cool. A Mustang look, strat body thickness, Gibson scale length, vintage style bridge with trem, and an offset humbucker in the bridge position.

Used: $549
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Fender Electric Mandolin

This Fender electric mandolin is a great low cost way to use your mandolin with effects or easily plug in in live situations.

Used: $139.00
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Fender Deluxe III (Blues Deluxe)

The Fender Deluxe III is the revision that made the staple Blues Deluxe even better. Most significantly you can get warm tones at lower volumes. This amp combines what you love in the modern and vintage Fender tones, and is a great value in tube amps.

Used: $399.00
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La Patrie Etude (nylon classical) from Godin

Our friends at Godin just don't know how to make anything that isn't amazing. The "etude" name implies a student model, but this sold top classical is a great affordable classical for anyone. This one is available in available in right or left handed versions.

Used: $399.00
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Amahi Soprano Ukulele

The Ukulele is an instrument that is truly for anyone, and this basic Amahi Uke comes at a price for anyone, $99 with a bag. If you're getting started, this is a great place to start. We have the full line of Amahi Ukes as well, in all sizes, stop by or give a call for more details.

New: $99.00
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Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass

This Fender American Deluxe Precision bass is a standard P-bass and more.  It has a jazz bass pickup in the rear position, active electronics and a maple neck.   It's a few years old but appears to be in like new condition.

Used: $899.00
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Soldano Astroverb 16 2×12 combo

This Soldano Astroverb 16 is in like new condition with it's original cover. a 2x12 combo with all the impact of any Soldano head and cab. Limited edition now out of production.

Used: $1299
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1948 Gibson L-7

This vintage Gibson archtop with a cutaway plays great and sounds great and other than the tailpiece is all original. The top and sides were clear-coated over the original finish what appears to be a lifetime ago because that finish has wear too. Well played, but great playing and ready for the next 60+ years.

Used: $3200
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Charvel Custom Shop SoCal

Charvel Custom shop - Custom SoCal with nitro pink finish. This custom Charvel, USA made of course, originally retailed for $3900, Gary's price in used but like new condition, $2600.

Used: 2600.00
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EEG Pedals – OD – Overdrive

Gary's is proud to now carry EEG pedals. Handmade from the bottom up in Portsmouth NH. This one is an overdrive. Come in the store and try this and all the EEG pedals out.

New: $129.00
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Roland Jazz Chorus 120

This made in Japan Jazz Chorus reissue from 2011 is an exacting recreation of the 80s classic, in like new condition, but technically used.

Used: $659
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Hofner Violin Bass (Ignition Bass)

Who makes the best Hofner copies? Hofner of course! This is the less expensive (Ignition) Hofner. It plays, looks and sounds great, and costs 1/5 of what the German Hofners do. At this price anyone can get in on that thumpy 30 inch bass scale fun.

New: $349 as it is, or $399 with Hofner bag
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Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass – Left Handed – Made in Germany

This is a master built Hofner 62 reissue made in German lefty Hofner Violin bass. It's not vintage it's just built that way. Not like new, like old, but in great condition. New these go for well over $2k, this one is very low miles.

Used: $1250
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